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Stella's Emporium... the story so far

Hello I’m Stella,  

I set up Stella’s Emporium back in August 2020.

I had what seemed at the time a silly idea to buy a box of scarves and sell them, I just love scarves and so this all made perfect sense to me! 

My values;

Personalised Shopping - 

Here at Stella's Emporium it's not just about selling bags and scarves, I offer a fully personalised shopping service! That's why this isn't just a 'click to buy' website! This is just a showcase site with a snapshot of a few of the gorgeous things that I offer in my Facebook group and tiny shop.

It is important to me that whenever you message or comment, either here or on the Facebook page it’s actually ME that you’re talking to, not a robot or an employee. 

That is why you can't just 'click and buy' here.

Excellent Customer Service - 

I also value and offer excellent and  friendly customer service.

This is very important to me and I want you to feel looked after when you shop at Stella’s Emporium, I will always listen to you and help you to find the perfect item for your treat or gift.

I will only ever provide you with products that I would be proud to use or gift myself! My aim is to provide high quality accessories, clothing and gifts at reasonable prices.  

I always trial new products to make sure they are of excellent quality, before offering them to my customers. 

I  guarantee that I will never sell anything I wouldn't want to own myself, all the products I sell I personally love and genuinely believe in their quality and value for money. 

Charitable shopping –

Throughout the year I am always looking to support good causes whenever possible.  

This involves supporting and donating to various charities. I am happy for people to contact me about supporting their own charity events too

Eco, Fair Trade and Cruelty Free ethos - 

Wherever possible I try to choose eco-friendly or Fairtrade products and always look at the ethos of my suppliers..

Stella’s Emporium is the very definition of a small business.

When you buy something you’re buying directly from me, and it’s true, I really do a happy dance with every order :)

The Team



Owner and only employee


Furry Shop keepers

Occasional 'help', not helpful usually!!

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