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From Virtual to Physical - The evolution of Stella's Emporium

Hello everyone and welcome to my second blog here on the Stella's Emporium showcase site.

I have been reminiscing about how this all started and although a lot of you already know some of this story it's still nice to think back and consider how we have grown!

It's a relatively short journey starting at the latter end of 2020 and carefully tip toeing our way through a pandemic but from small acorns, and silly ideas, huge oak trees are hopefully growing!!!

My first box of scarves was ordered on 19th August 2020, I just checked the first ever invoice I received! There were just 22 scarves on that order and as always there was a furry shop assistant on hand to help me unpack.

I did this on an impulsive whim as I thought it might be nice to sell a few scarves, it scares me to think of the amount of stock that this has since grown into!

My initial Facebook live was a real adlib affair and one of my lovely friends joined me in making fools of ourselves to our first ever virtual audience. We had a blast, giggled a lot and sales were made!!!

The Emporium stock was stored in my office here at home and another box of scarves was ordered.

Much to my delight and surprise more sales were made and so I had my gorgeous Stella's Emporium logo designed (I will tell you my inspiration for this in another blog) This was designed by another of my very talented friends, who had to work from my biro scribblings and rubbish descriptions of what I wanted, I love it!

My next step was to set up a dedicated Stella's Emporium Facebook page which started in September 2020.

By this point the stock was overflowing in my little office space and I needed to clear the desk so I moved up into our loft space. Luckily this is already a useable space all boarded out and has a lovely solid floor. I learnt a little bit more about displaying and photographing items and moved tables and chairs about, use bed sheets as base covers. Bought crates and rails to use for displays and got settled up there!

My first displays were quite basic, but I have learnt some skills along the way and continue to improve the ways that I present these beautiful products to you.

In November 2020 I set up a private Stella's Emporium VIP Facebook group. This started with just 18 members and today stands at 522 members.

This all went from strength to strength, I started doing Facebook Lives in my VIP group and this very soon turned into a lovely little community group. We share comments and people chat to each other and we generally have a laugh in this group.

In December 2020 I started a more bespoke gift service with lovely wrappings, gift messages and a postal service direct to the recipient. I just love ordering beautiful acid free and environmentally friendly tissue paper and bags for this. I had some gift cards printed on seed infused cards and hand write messages on them so that when opened they have that extra special feel to them.

My original offering of scarves grew to ponchos and then bags and other gift items. I continued to find new wholesale suppliers and in March 2021 we saw the introduction of a range of different clothing to Stella's Emporium. As spring turned into Summer the number of suppliers I had on my books and the amount of stock just continued to grow and soon got too big for the loft!!! I jokingly said, 'I need a shop', and at this point my lovely husband told me that he had been thinking about that too and was considering converting our garage into such a thing!!! :)

That was it!!! A skip was ordered and the garage (and his workshop space) was cleared out!

It wasn't easy, just look at the state of it!!

This was the 'before' shot!!

Between 20th May and 1st August, in some of the hottest (at the time) summer days ever my husband cleared the garage, put the base down, built the skeleton studwork, found wood for the walls, ordered a door and repurposed loads of materials he could find to put together my little shop.

In the first week of August 2021 I was frantically decorating and hubby was putting in shop fittings so we could officially open my gorgeous little shop on the 6th August 2021 (our wedding anniversary!! what an amazing present :))

As always one of the furry shopkeepers (another future blog inspiration) was on hand and if you pop in to see us one may come along to say hello!!

We opened on the 6th August and had an official opening launch on Saturday 7th August, and the rest as they say is history....... still being made!!

The shop is in Trowell, Nottinghamshire NG9.

We open for visitors Thursday -Sunday in term time and most days in the school holidays. The stock available and displays are constantly changing so keep an eye on the Facebook page!!

If you want to pop in I ask that you contact me to make an appointment as its a small space.

I have had visitors from many places including an amazing lady who travelled all the way from LONDON!!

Let me know what you think to our evolution and if you have been to the shop!!

Tell us what you think, join the blog and subscribe to follow Stella's Emporium.

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Feb 11, 2023

Bought some wonderful items from this beautiful little gift shop! I’m also a monthly subscriber and Stella hit the mail on the head with everything I would like, She excelled with the first subscription box it’s so exciting to receive one! definitely well worth a visit thanks Stella x


Jan 18, 2023

I have bought many things here - Stella has some fabulous gifts and is always happy and lovely on her video /live streams. The Emporium is brilliant!


Jan 18, 2023

I’have bought lots of things from the Emporium both for myself and for gifts. I go for 1 thing and always come out with more🤣🤣

Lovely little shop to have locally!!


Jan 15, 2023

Bought lots of things from here, all fab and great quality. visited a few times too. Can’t help spending too much !! X

Jan 15, 2023
Replying to

I love it when you pop in for a visit 😊


Jan 14, 2023

I've watched and enjoyed Stella's journey from the beginning to now and regularly visit her wonderful little shop. I've made a lot of purchases and I'm never disappointed. I've bought a few friends on board a long the way. Pay the Emporium a visit, it's amazing how much fits inside, a tardis filled with wonderful things.

Jan 14, 2023
Replying to

Ha ha love that description, thank you for the lovely reply x see you again soon

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