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Would you like some colour in your life?

I don’t know about you but I have my favourites!!! 

Favourite colours that is! What are they? 

Purples and pinks mostly, but to be honest, as you’ll know if you’ve ever seen my stall or shop, I just love all BRIGHT colours!

That’s why each year I launch a Spring Brights collection!!

Last year I was writing this on the 5th March, so I best get cracking as I’m a bit late this year!!!

I have based this year’s Spring Brights collection very loosely around the Spring/Summer UK Fashion Catwalk colours, and these are my favourite colour choices!

First up it's Lemon Drop – ‘I can’t wear yellow!’ I hear you all shouting!

Well I’m the same to be honest, I wouldn’t consider a yellow top or dress, but adding a bright scarf with a splash of yellow can really brighten up a black outfit, or match it perfectly with Classic Navy for a smart crisp spring look.

When I’m doing this type of blog I like to research and see what ‘people’ say the colours mean and lemon throws up some very contrasting ideas. It stands for things like wit, uniqueness, spirituality, purity and ……… defectiveness!

I don’t know about being defective but there’s a really pretty lemon mix scarf in stock at the Emporium at the minute and I love it, its certainly NOT defective!!!


Next it's Cherry Red – I have always loved red in all shades and hues and it is definitely my autumn, winter colour choice. However,  I recently put together a summer outfit for our latest fashion show which was this vibrant cherry red popcorn knit and vest top with white trousers!

It looked absolutely Wow!! Perfect for smart work wear or any other occasion.  I loved it, definitely one I am now thinking about adding to my Spring/summer wardrobe too. Red can be associated with passion, romance and love, who doesn’t love a bouquet of red roses?

Wear bright red to help exude confidence. It’s also a provocative, brave and youthful colour.

If you can’t afford a bright red sports car to show off in then just get a bright red scarf instead!!


Then we have the gorgeous Horizon Blue – This is a beautiful cornflower blue, reminiscent of a

Mediterranean sky or warm tropical ocean. I love blue and have a few items of bright blue clothing that always come out for the summer!

Gorgeous cobalt crops with a cream or white top look so nice, smart but cooling especially if it’s too hot!

People associate this colour with a clear sky and warmer weather. I’m sure that you know this but, sunlight is made up of the ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) spectrum of colours and each one is a different light wavelength. The colour of the sky light at the horizon is paler blue than higher up in the sky, because the blue wavelength of light is scattered in all directions by tiny molecules of air in Earth's atmosphere.

As blue is the the shorter wavelength of the spectrum, this light is scattered more than the other wavelengths of colours. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time. Closer to the horizon, the sky fades to a lighter blue or white and that’s why this colour is called Horizon blue!! I’m just looking at my ‘Windows’ background and it shows this perfectly!

You can’t go wrong with clothing or accessories in any shade of blue.


What about this one, Orange Dreamsicle – I had no idea about this, but apparently a Dreamsicle is a classic frozen ice lolly with vanilla ice cream on the inside with an orange sherbet coating on the outside!! (We used to call it an orange Mivy!!)

Anyway, the bright orange colour of the sherbet is muted by the vanilla cream on the inside, so imagine a bright orange colour, softened with vanilla cream tones and that’s Orange dreamsicle! 

Orange clothes and accessories not only look fabulous but also come with lots positive psychological reinforcement! Orange is viewed as optimistic and uplifting and it is also believed to rejuvenate your spirit. Orange also continues to bring spontaneity and positivity, which they say encourages motivation!

I have a few orange tops and bottoms in my summer wardrobe, I love it, it’s such a versatile colour and there’s supposed to be a shade of orange for all skin tones!

So who says you can’t wear orange, get some in your wardrobe today!!


Next, the oh so gorgeous Pastel Lilac – It’s still in fashion this year, yippee, I love all shades of Purple, and Lilac (or lavender) is so pretty.

Lilac trees and lavender bushes both smell so beautiful and really are the scents of summer! The scents evoking thoughts of warm summer evenings with the sounds of bees feasting on the nectar in the beautiful blooms!!

In all honesty, it would be fair to assume that both lilac and lavender are the same since they are so similar. However, they're actually not!

Most often seen as the lighter of the two, Lavender has a blue tint, whereas lilac has a pink hue! Who knew this?!

Most people tend to refer to lavender as the flowering plant and lilac as the colour, however, both are colours and flowering plants in their own rights!

Best described as a gentle shade, you can wear lilac with a number of other colours without the worry of clashing or overdoing it. Similar musky-toned colours, like mustard yellow or emerald green, can pair beautifully with lilac (or lavender).

So, for this reason, you should definitely freshen up your wardrobe with some gorgeous Pastel Lilac.

What about this for a name, Moth – I was intrigued by this name for a colour, so started looking at pictures of different moth species!! There’s a good range of colours on moths,  but they nearly all have a similar shade of colour on their body and abdomen and that’s the colour, Moth!!

This colour is described by Pantone as a new camouflage greige! A cross between grey and beige! Apparently it is classed as being both upscale and low key, I don’t know about that, but I love the colour!.

The New York catwalk has embraced a tone of this called Mushroom, which might make more sense to everyone. I think it’s a really smart and grown up colour shade of taupe, warm in temperature and tone. This would team up perfectly with Classic Navy Blue or a muted Green or shade of Khaki Green.


Then there’s the Monochrome palette and here it gets interesting!

A really bright, crisp white called Porcelain White, in contrast with a vast and cavernous Deep Well tone of Black! WOW!

 Imagine those two together, totally the opposite ends of the scale!!

Then a shade of tarmac grey called Boulevard! Look at any road and that’s the colour. Team up these Monochrome shades with the other colours and get yourself a new and vibrant look!!

I love doing this research, I never realised that there were actually so many variations on these everyday colours 😊

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Let me know which are your favourites and if you will be choosing any new outfits or accessories in this seasons colours!

Stella x

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