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What's your colour?

I am just putting together a special collection for the Emporium called 'Spring Bights 2023' and this has inspired me to write this for you.

I put one of these collections together a couple of years ago, in fact the scarf in the picture was one of the pieces from that collection.

Orange isn't really my colour although I really like it and every time I wear this scarf I feel uplifted and happy.

This was me dressed for a meeting with an accountant which was a totally new experience at the time and I wore the scarf to give me confidence.

However, for this years collection I thought that I would do a bit of research and see what colours are actually in fashion, on trend and on the catwalk this spring!

Funnily enough Earthy Orange is one of the 'in' colours this year, but according to those in the know it's associated with creativity, sensuality and abundance!

I might be a little creative with my colour choices, but the other two qualities, I'm not entirely sure about!

I do love terracotta and burnt orange shades though, and am really drawn to them.

There are lots of orange bags and scarves available at the moment and I have chosen some pieces with orange shades for this years Spring Brights collection.

I saw someone write once that everyone should have an orange bag in their collection because it matches every colour, and it's true!! Try it!

The Colour of the Year 2023, apparently is called Viva Magenta and is a gorgeous mix of Hot Pink and Red Berry tones. I love it!

Viva Magenta is the colour of Creativity, Kindness and Independence, and apparently great for when you're feeling a little 'off' to lift your spirits.

I think wearing tones of reds and pinks really does make you feel empowered and confident.

You can also pair shades of orange and red together for a really bold splash of colour that looks fantastic!

Our beautiful Pashmina scarves come in over 20 shades and are perfect for special occasion shawls/scarves to complete your outfits.

Here in deep Berry Red, Deep Purple and Burnt Orange that's two of this seasons hot colours!

Olive Green is another of this seasons colours, and again its one of my favourites!

A colour that makes you think of nature and the outdoors. Green evokes feelings of Peace and Harmony. In fact Greens are generally in, with shades from bright Lime green to a more muted Olive green. Fantastic paired up with charcoal or black outfits and accessories for a cool contrast.

Hot pink is out and Pale pink is in this season. Not sure I agree with this choice to be honest as I love Hot pink, however, a Pale Pink can be a very soft feminine choice for clothes and accessories.

Pale pink is affiliated to feelings of love, nurturing and self care.

I do think that a very pale pink bag can be a perfect, almost neutral addition to your outfit but you do have to find the right shade one that isn't too bubble gum pink!!

These phone/purse crossbody pouches are very popular this year too and come in so many different colours! Perfect for completing your all your outfits and easy to grab and go!

Blue and Yellow are also colour choices from this years Spring catwalk.

Blue shades are from a palette starting with pastel blues ranging to shades of azure and turquoise.

This year called Tranquil Blues these shades evoke feelings of tranquillity, vitality and freshness!!

Also a Royal feeling, our beautiful Queen was often seen in beautiful pastel blue outfits!

I love Yellow it makes me feel so happy especially in the spring. It seems to be Natures default spring colour, with daffodils, primroses and crocus popping up all over the place in beautiful sunny shades of yellow.

I find some shades of this colour difficult to wear next to my skin but do love a mustard and more golden shades of yellow!

This Hazel & Pip Goldfinch scarf is one of our new additions for this Spring and I think might be winging it's way into my own scarf cupboard!!

Yellow is a sunny, happy colour associated with optimism, hope and laughter and always gives me a lift when I see something in this colour.

A new colour 'idea' this season is apparently called Creige!!!

Creige is exactly what the name suggests, a creamy beige colour, and I really like this descriptive new word for a colour that can provide the perfect neutral canvas.

Use this as a background for more vibrant accessories when worn as a Creige dress, top or jacket.

However, if you add a Creige bag to your outfit suddenly its classy, with an expensive feel.

Creige shouts timeless and luxurious, just like our Classic Crossbody bag - here in Creige!!!

The last of the colour combinations for this Spring are called Molten Metallics! This is Metallic shades of silver, gold and bronze. These are great when used as accessories especially bags, and match most colour outfits.

A Silver bag is especially easy to add to any outfit to really give it a lift and make you feel good. Perfect for special occasions and holidays.

According to those in the know, 'metallics never lie', but if you're wearing metallic clothes colours next to your skin be aware that cool toned skin needs silver, pewter and gold whereas warmer skin tones are better suited to copper and bronze toned metallics.

As far as bags are concerned I think anything goes. A metallic bag gives you a shimmer and confidence that lifts all your outfits!

At the end of the day we should all choose the colours we love and feel suit us, but its nice to see how the fashion world is responsible for the choices we see in the shops each season.

However here at Stella's Emporium I specialise in getting you the colour you are looking for not the colours that are in fashion !! Feel free to just choose any colour you like!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please leave me a comment to tell me what you think of this blog.

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Mar 23

Love the cherry red, one of my favourite colours. Think the lemon and moth would look lovely together. Great blog and certainly got my thinking about brightening up my wardrobe


Mar 23

I love the Horizon blue. It’s such a fresh summer colour.


Mar 08, 2023

Really enjoyed reading this! Very informative. My go to colour is turquoise but I think I might mix it up with pale pink maybe or mustard? what do you think? X

Mar 18, 2023
Replying to

Mustard and Pink would look lovely with turquoise. Especially if you think of turquoise being the sea and mustard being the sun, it gives you vibes of Mediterranean holidays


Mar 08, 2023

Magenta Vivant! Ooh, I will be looking out for things in this !!!

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